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Purva Symphony
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3/4 BHK Luxury Villas
Rera:- 1251/310/PR/210907/004300

Starting from ₹ 4.60 Cr*

Purva Symphony sounds like a luxurious residential project located in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. Offering a range of housing options including 3 and 4 BHK apartments and palatial villas. The Puravankara Symphony Bangalore aims to provide a beautiful environment for its residents, creating a fresh start and new living experience. Perfect Project with great seamless connectivity buyers can start their booking.

The property is designed to offer upscale living with a focus on amenities, aesthetics, and comfort. The availability of both apartment units and villas provides potential buyers with a variety of choices to suit their preferences and needs.

Purva Symphony Bangalore residential villa located on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore, with a starting price of 4.6 Crore*. Buyers have a great opportunity with this property and that Bangalore's real estate market is experiencing increasing property values. Investing in real estate can indeed offer potential returns, especially in rapidly developing areas like Bangalore.

About Villa Details – Purva Symphony Bannerghatta Road

The spacious rooms with open balconies that offer stunning views create an atmosphere of relaxation and appreciation for the surrounding environment. The incorporation of modern design in both amenities and services adds to the overall appeal.

Buyers are likely to be drawn to the combination of ample living space, beautiful views, and modern features. The open balconies could provide a perfect place to unwind and soak in the beauty of the surroundings. Meanwhile, the modern amenities and services would contribute to a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Purva Symphony Bannerghatta Road that features a large man-made waterfall, which is believed to enhance attractiveness.

Floor Plan - Purva Symphony

Spacious Rooms: Highlight the generous room sizes that offer plenty of space for various activities and furniture arrangements.

Open Balconies: Emphasize the balconies' role as ideal spots for enjoying the breathtaking views and fresh air. The natural beauty that can be enjoyed from the villa's balconies and windows, showcasing the unique selling point of the property.

Modern Design: Emphasize the modern hi-tech design elements in both the interior and exterior, showcasing how they contribute to a comfortable stylish living experience for buyers at Puravankara Symphony Bannerghatta Road Bangalore.

Amenities: List the modern amenities available in the villa, such as state-of-the-art appliances, technology integration, and energy-efficient features.

Quality of Life: Combination of spacious rooms, open balconies, modern amenities, and services can contribute to an enhanced quality of life for the potential buyers of Puravankara Villas Symphony.

RERA Number Released

Purva Symphony Bannerghatta Road Bangalore RERA number mentioned, "1251/310/PR/210907/004300," appears to be the registration number assigned to the property after it has been approved and authorized by the relevant government authorities. This number serves as a unique identifier for the property and is used to track its compliance with the regulations and guidelines set forth by RERA.

Some Of The Cities Connected To Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore

There are several cities connected to Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore with different distances.

  • Bangalore City Centre: Approximately 8 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • Jayanagar: Approximately 5 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • JP Nagar: Approximately 7 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • HSR Layout: Approximately 12 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • BTM Layout: Approximately 10 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • Electronic City: Approximately 19 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • Koramangala: Approximately 13 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • Sarjapur: Approximately 24 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • Whitefield: Approximately 26 km from Bannerghatta Road.
  • Hebbal: Approximately 24 km from Bannerghatta Road.

Facility Nearby Luxuries Palatial Villas

Purva Symphony on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, is indeed strategically located and offers residents easy access to various amenities. Bannerghatta Road is a well-developed area in Bangalore that is known for its mix of residential, commercial, and educational facilities.

Schools and Colleges: Bannerghatta Road is home to several reputed schools and colleges, catering to the educational needs of residents. These institutions could include international schools, CBSE/ICSE schools, and colleges offering various courses.

Shopping Malls and Supermarkets: You'll likely find shopping malls and supermarkets along Bannerghatta Road, providing residents with options for retail therapy and grocery shopping. These establishments offer a range of products and brands for various needs.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare is an important consideration for any residential area. There might be hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers in close proximity to Purva Symphony Bengaluru, ensuring residents have access to medical services.

Entertainment Venues: Multiplex cinemas, entertainment centers, and cultural hubs may be available nearby, offering opportunities for leisure and entertainment.

Banks and ATMs: Access to banking services is crucial, and having banks and ATMs in the vicinity provides convenience to residents at Purva Symphony Bangalore.

Fitness Centers: Gymnasiums, fitness studios, and sports facilities might be available for those looking to stay active.

About The Builder

Purva Group's impressive track record in the real estate industry in India. Their commitment to quality construction, customer satisfaction, and innovative designs has clearly contributed to their success over the years. The development of various residential projects across prominent cities in India demonstrates their wide reach and impact.

The upcoming launch of Purva Symphony Villas at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore sounds like an exciting milestone for the company. As their biggest achievement to date, it likely represents a significant step forward in their growth and reputation within the industry.

Purva Symphony Bangalore Location Map

Purva Symphony Bangalore Location Map

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