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Tivoli Hills, the starting contribution of Purva Land is the main plotted improvement of its sort.Roused by a town settled in the peaceful slopes of focal Italy. Each niche and corner of this improvement is meticulously designed to copy this Renaissance-time town, from the engineering of the roads to the nurseries.

Land proprietorship was viewed as a section into the positions of honorability in the times of the Renaissance. The prescience of individuals who fabricated this town in Italy helped numerous ages that came after them.

The land at Tivoli Hills will fill in as an establishment for your fantasies that can be conveyed forward for a long time into the future. Tivoli slopes is an encounter of honorability and debauchery, encompassed by complicatedly planned extravagance that is suggestive of the magnificence and charm of Renaissance-time Italy.

The Pinnacle of art, nature, and design.

Plots that are going to be a part of history, merging the beauty of nature with the skill of man to bring to life a community similar to Renaissance-era Italy.

The Districts of Tivoli Hills

The birth of the renewal was in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. You can walk through the streets of Florence even today and see a heavenly Mixture of manmade and natural beauty, especially in the legendary Piazzas of the city. The piazzas are the public squares in Florence where people assemble and converse, they hold an important place in Italian culture.

At Tivoli Hills, we have reflected the excellence of the Renaissance to bring alive the roads and paths of our turn of events. They will be planned and developed to in a split second vehicle you to a piazza in Florence, despite the fact that you would be remaining in the lower regions of Nandi slopes, Devanahalli.

Conveying forward our subject, the 4 distinct locales arranged in our improvement at Tivoli Hills have been named after various Piazzas in Florence that they draw motivation from. These being.

Piazza Santa Croce

Piazza Santa Croce is an excellent area in Florence, home to the striking Basilica of Santa Croce. The enamoring square is encircled by notable structures and is a junction of history, culture, and workmanship. Tivoli Hills encapsulates the creative pith of the Piazza with its own special area named Santa Croce. The core of advancement gives extravagances like an awesome model park for you to meander in harmony and experience peacefulness, alongside a roomy pet park and other mind-blowing conveniences.

Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Piazza Santa Maria Novella is one of the principal squares in Florence. One of the most wonderful, it turns into the top fascination in the city. The Basilica of this Piazza is a staggering illustration of how delightful Renaissance design is. Reflecting its captivating substance, Tivoli Hills has an area with a similar name. Home to the biggest plots in the turn of events, it gives extravagant conveniences like Plaza Centro, the home of energy and delight. With an eco-trail running along the trenches, it remains as an embodiment of wantonness and manageability, very much like the Piazza Santa Maria Novella of Florence.

Piazza San Marco

Situated in the pleasant city of Venice, San Marco houses the vast majority of the creative milestones. The local elements restricted back streets and winding waterways which add to its beautiful appeal. This Venetian class is epitomized in one of the locales of our turns of events. San Marco of Tivoli Hills has the largest number of plots, turning into the clamoring heartbeat of the turn of events. It likewise offers great conveniences like no other area. Encircled by beautiful shrubbery, a magnificent Hammock garden, and various games courts among others, the San Marco locale reflects the captivating soul of the Piazza in Venice.

Piazza San Lorenzo

Piazza San Lorenzo is an unlikely treasure situated in Rome. Albeit the Piazza is an asylum of extravagance and workmanship, its excellence lies in the isolation it offers. Away from the clamoring city of Rome, you can savor harmony in this Piazza. Similar to it, San Lorenzo of Tivoli Hills offers quiet and peacefulness. Home to a captivating tangible park, a striking space for an open-air grill, and healthy huge fire pits, this region is one of the top attractions of the turn of events.

Payment Plan

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The cost of buying a piece of land is lower than moving into a readymade home. It ensures cost saving for you, which you can invest further for construction. Thus, plotted developments have become a good option for people who want financial freedom.

Higher returns

Lands and plots have shown a higher rate of return in India. When you invest in a piece of land and build your property on it, the value of that property appreciates more than the invested amount. Some people construct lavishly like hotels and resorts, which further provides higher returns through rentals.


The freedom to choose your preferred design and convenient time make plotted developments unique. Since people build homes to remain in them for an extended time, it’s good to own a home as a reflection of your personality. If you don’t want to build a house, you can always sell the land to someone looking to construct a commercial or residential property. The returns on land investment are alarmingly high.

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Purva Tivoli Hills Price

Plots Type SIZE (SQ.FT.) Price* PRICE (in ₹)
Bungalow Plots 1100-1350 67 Lakhs
Villa Plots 1350-1650
Mansion Plots 1650-2150
Manor Plots 2150-2600
Estate Plots 2600-3200