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Whether it is residential, commercial, or plotted project, all of them bear the stamp of Puravankara, which means assurance of high quality living. Who does not want to grow their accumulated wealth? Investments in real estate are one of the safest ways to grow your capital. If you are planning to invest in real estate, then Provident Amaya Plots at Thirumazhisai in Chennai are the ideal way to multiply returns on your investment. This plotted property is strategically located in the heart of the city. Planned with many configurations, this project is available with a lot of advantages. Its prime location, world class amenities, lush green lawns, and tranquil surroundings are just a few factors that make this property a desired destination.

The plots are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Small plots are available in the size of 900 square feet, medium plots are available in the size of 1200 square feet, and the largest plots are available in the size of 2000 square feet. An investor can choose from these sizes and make each penny of his investment worth it. Since you are going to invest in a plot, you have the liberty to develop it as per your own wishes. You can choose the best quality materials to develop this plot. Also, you can get it designed the way you want.

An Investment that you’ll Cherish Forever

This is actually the beauty of investing in a plot, where you have absolute freedom to design it the way you want. As long as your plot is idle, you do not need to pay any maintenance on it. But at the same time, your plot's value will appreciate over time. It's because land is scarcely available and, wherever it is available, commands great prices. So as an investor, you can buy it and forget it for years to come.

There is nothing to worry about if you have no funds to develop your plot. You can have it developed whenever you have sufficient funds. But by that time your plot's value will have increased manifold, which would help you develop your plot, or you can sell it at an incredible price.

Freedom to get your property developed your way

Step into a splendidly plotted property at Provident Amaya Plots in Chennai. Wonderfully crafted, with plot sizes available from 900 sq ft to 2000 sq ft, these Provident Amaya Plots bring you pleasure and delight for a lifetime. These stupendous plots hold your breath right from the time you hear a word about them. They are so elegantly designed and surrounded by a lush green and serene environment that it will take your breath away.

Moment you step into the impressive premises of the project, you are welcomed by the sweet chirping of exotic birds, a gentle breeze, tree-lined boulevards, and out of this world amenities such as 24x7 security provided by boom barriers, surveillance cameras, and manpower, a wide network of roads, street lights, a water treatment plant, expansive green parks, and many other amenities.

A wide network of internal roads is laid down to take you to the last point of this august project, from which you can experience the vastness of this complex and choose your favorite plot by easily reaching it. All roads within the campus have been designed for all vehicles by having a dedicated lane for them. We’re sure that with its elegant facade and amenities, this project won’t dishearten you. And with its awe-inspiring location, you will just cease asking for anything else in a real estate project. Drop by right now to witness the beauty of these plots in Chennai.

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