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Modern homebuyers have better access to information than ever before, are well read, well-traveled and committed to the environment. A broad commitment to social issues means buyers value sensitive and sustainably designed properties that address concerns about reducing our carbon footprint, conserving water and adding greener spaces. For example, car charging points and community gardens are being sought. Smart living solutions together with design technology follow urban trends and bring social benefits to residents. Puravankara group launches Puravankara Amaya Plots in Chennai. In addition, property buyers are interested in living in communities that offer many amenities, including community spaces such as rooftop or spas, sports and medical facilities, sky decks, clubhouses, shopping centers and Wi-Fi enabled zones.

The hybrid working model increased the appeal of Puravankara Amaya Plots areas, with consumers more willing to upgrade to better homes. On the luxury side, both NRI and HNI see investment appeal in plots and private villas as a result of the hybrid working model. Invest today at Puravankara Amaya Plots. Perceptions of lifestyle have changed dramatically in response to the new reality. This is seen in the value buyers place in space design, amenities, community, neighborhood, and services. Plot buyers show a greater appreciation for spacious areas, market homes and services and planned developments in integrated townships.

They look for projects from famous developers with many features that meet the lifestyle preferences of age groups and interests. Strong sales encouraged developers to launch new projects and new phases of existing projects. According to recent market reports, international and local investors are showing interest in the Indian real estate market at Puravankara Amaya Plots and higher investor confidence can be attributed to improved market dynamics across real estate markets. Residential demand growth is driven by a combination of factors including record low interest rates and pandemic-induced realization of residential demand from reliable players driving the residential segment.

The luxury real estate market is seeing strong demand and this trend is a long way off. Luxury real estate at Puravankara Amaya Plots also offers lots of investment opportunities because of their appreciation over time, which makes them inflation-proof. With the Indian rupee at rock bottom, the NRI community has a unique advantage in converting their hard-earned foreign earnings into affordable plot options in India. India is attracting many foreign players and MNCs. Expected increase in the number of NRIs and the growing size of India as an economic powerhouse promises a lot in the luxury plot segment at Puravankara Amaya Plots, the housing market is reporting significant traction, buyers are responding favorably to the correction in selling prices, making real estate attractive especially in the luxury segment.

Customer confidence and market sentiment are strengthened by a positive atmosphere and, above all, by the identification of real estate as a guarantee of a certain future. The tide is definitely turning and people are buying plots at Puravankara Amaya Plots for investment and development. We believe the luxury market is driven by end-users at the top of the wealth pyramid and depends more on personal wealth than external loans.

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