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High rental yields are expected at renowned properties. Luxury properties like Puravankara Plots Trichy Road, while more expensive than other areas of real estate, also generate excellent rental yields for investors and can prove experience, price, and stability Like other areas of housing, the luxury real estate market is slowly recovering after the pandemic, offering value for money to willing buyers. Cities like Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi, and even Chennai register peak transactions with 5-6 million tickets witnessing excellent off-take. It is a common saying among today's young population of dreaming big to be big in life. Luxury living at Puravankara Plots Trichy Road is a motivator for today's youth who want a house with the best amenities and the 15 to 20 million ticket size is the most common luxury living ticket size.

We are also seeing a lot of high-end transaction size tickets from high Business Leaders to upgrade their homes and moved on to more advanced and secure world-class developments. The luxury real estate investor segment consists of a combination of tech-savvy millennials and people who will appreciate the good life at Puravankara Plots Trichy Road. Aesthetic interiors, multifunctional spaces, and durability are the keys that people want. Ticket sizes of the project vary by location and region. Prices and size depending on the location of the project.

If a project in the city costs more than a project outside the city with the same amenities it offers. Also, the prices vary from city to city eg in Coimbatore, a luxury apartment at Puravankara Plots Trichy Road within the city limits is between 1200 sq ft - 1400 sq ft. While the same in Mumbai costs three times as compared to Coimbatore. Puravankara Plots Trichy Road commands a huge premium for its ultra-luxury and premium luxury homes. Many developers are attracting a whole new clientele to the new listings, there is good demand from existing clients to upgrade to bigger, more spacious homes.

They are also demanding entertainment, greener spaces, and activities within the environment that will improve their physical and underpin mental health. They choose the brand anyway, which they want to see, the quality of the product offered and the address where they want to do business. Obviously, this scenario gives a clear advantage to marketable, financially stable developers like Puravankara.

They are trying to implement ideas that are accepted globally, such as large lobbies, lounges with glass partitions, motion sensor lighting, contactless entrances, wider stairwells, redesigned ventilation systems, and separate outlets for supplies in line with pandemic realities and security considerations. The city is seeing an increase of 10000 employees every year in the IT and manufacturing sector alone, where the highest salary is 10 percent of the total. These people are always looking for high-quality homes like Puravankara Plots Trichy Road, especially luxury residences and premium boutique homes. Additionally, after the global pandemic, when social distancing became a way of life, people became more protective of their families.

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